Pricing for Professional Business Services

Weekly Services

We are also available to assist you by the week at 20 hours per week with whatever services that we have listed on our "Services" page of this website. If there is a service that you need that is not listed on our "Services" page, please contact use for more information.


Monthly Services (ongoing)

We are available to assist if you need our help with more than 1 project as listed below. We can provide any of the services listed on our "Services" page for 80 hours per month. If there is a service that you need that is not mentioned on our "Services" page, please contact us for more information.


Spreadsheet Design and Maintenance

We can create any type of spreadsheet that you need for yourself, or your business. Our prices are by the hour and can be ordered here or via Square Invoicing.


Desktop Publishing

Our Desktop Publishing services are used to create special projects for you or your company based on your specifications. Our services are charged by the hour starting at $25.00 and can be purchased here or via Square Invoicing directly to your e-mail address.


Brochure Design

We design brochures based on what your needs and desires are. Our price includes the design only. Contact us today for more information.



We design and create brochures based on your specifications. Our price is for 100 brochures each. If you wish to order more than 100, please increase your order (i.e. 200 brochures = 2)



This is a one page resume that is preferred by most Recruiters. We can tailor your resume to your specific career preference.


PowerPoint Presentations

Professional PowerPoint Presentations created for your business training needs or special events. Our price starts at $100 which includes 10 slides, media uploads, formatting, and editing. We can also create voice over presentations and turn your presentation into videos at your request for an additional $50.00 per hour. If your presentation is more than 10 slides, please give us a call.


Flyer Design

We design flyers for you based on what your needs are. We charge a one time fee of $50.00 per flyer design (i.e. if you want two separate designs, select 2).



We can create customized flyers for you for whatever you need them for. Our price is $75.00 for 100 copies of flyers that you order.



Bios are created for all sorts of people, some prefer to present a BIO as opposed to a Resume.


Business and Career Consulting Fees

Business Consulting and Career Consulting services provided to individuals who need assistance setting up new businesses or deciding on how to proceed with their careers. Our price is by the hour so if you need more than one hour of consulting services, please insert the required amount (i.e. 2 hours, enter 2).