Hand Made Soy Candles by CandleCentsStudios

I recently started making soy candles after many hours of watching tutorials of what type of wax is the best to use, what are the best wicks, and the best fragrances.  I will have to say that it is a little tricky with the scents but I have gotten it down to a science.

My company is called CandleCentsStudios and I have set up a nice shop in my garage.  I really enjoy doing this and find it to be truly relaxing.

Most of my candles are made out of 100% soy and natural essential oils.  I have made soy candles out of Joy wax as well which is a blend of soy, paraffin and vegetable oils.  The Joy wax comes in slaps and is easy to cut.  It is easy to work with and is made specifically to use with containers.  The other soy wax that I used came from Nature’s Garden and it is the flakes which are easy to use as well.

I have used various scents to make my candles and I really love how they have turned out.  Now it’s time to SELL, SELL SELL.    You can take a look at my collection that I have posted so far right on my website http://www.currycreationsllc.com under the CandleCentsStudios tab.Little Angels1

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