Do You Prefer Resumes or Bios?

Not long ago I had a client call me in a panic because she had and interview the next day and had lost her resume that I created for her previously.  Additionally, she somehow erased her resume that I sent to her via email as well and needed to send a copy to her agency that same day.  She is not very computer savvy and actually has no interest in learning because she is a very busy person and a Nanny who likes to stay on the move.  She really does not like computers at all which is why I can’t understand why she would want an email address and a website.  However, she is my client and whatever she wants, I provide.  Somehow, she lost her email address and password and let the website get cancelled.

I told her not to worry and suggested that we do a Bio for her this time since she was going for another Nanny position.  She loves texting so I asked her to text me a recent photo of herself with her scrubs on so that I could use it for her new Bio.  Once I received her photo, I uploaded it to my computer and created a very impressive Bio and sent it to her agency the same day.  I also created a new email address for her and wrote it down as well as her new password.  Then, I sent a copy of her new Bio to her new email and her phone.

The next day, she came to my home to pick up hard copies of her Bio (which she loved) after her interview.  She did get the JOB!!!  While at my home, I gave her a quick tutorial about her new email and how to send attachments to people via email.

I did not charge my client for the Bio or the training this time because I knew she was in panic mode because her last Nanny assignment had ended and she was strapped for money.  She has been a client for a long time and has paid me well in the the past.

Guess what happened, about two days after she started her new job, another agency called her and wanted her to send them her Bio via email.  BUT — she could not find her new email address or password and had accidentally deleted the text version as well.  🙂nanny-bio2


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