I Need a New Look


I know this is off topic of business but every time I look in the mirror, I say to myself – “I need a new hair do”.  I don’t know how many of you business women take time to think of how you look but personally, I do.

I think that when we look good, we feel 100% good! We can be the best Bosses in the world but if we look in the mirror and our Look is not up to par…that can make us feel kind of depressed.  Not only that, if you do not look good and go to meet your clients, how do you think your clients feel about you?  So I pose this question to all of you business women out there.  Do you feel that your looks  and the way that you present yourself when you meet clients in person has an impact on your business and whether or not you gain them as a client?

Pamela C.


2 thoughts on “I Need a New Look”

  1. How we look is the first impression for anyone unfortunately. They see the outside before the inside. I feel like if I look like a hot mess nobody is going to want to approach me.


  2. In my view,without undermining good look, what is more important is how you present and conduct yourself either on a business or personal meeting! You should be more charismatic in your overall presentation!


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