About Us

I started this business right after High School when I was in College. I realized that most of my college friends did not know how to type and struggled with doing their Term Papers. I took Typing and Businesses Classes in High School so, I felt there was a need to help people. Back then, there were no computers like there is today so they were happy to have me type their Term Papers and Dissertations…my business grew from there.
Although I continued to work regular jobs for other people, I never gave up and in 1997, I changed the name from Professional Typing Services to Curry Creations and added a lot of other skills that I taught myself along the way. I was introduced to Windows in 1993 and since then, I have become an advanced user of Computers and Microsoft Office, so much so, that I have the ability now to train other people who were not accustomed to using computers.
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