Hand Made Soy Candles by CandleCentsStudios

I recently started making soy candles after many hours of watching tutorials of what type of wax is the best to use, what are the best wicks, and the best fragrances.  I will have to say that it is a little tricky with the scents but I have gotten it down to a science.

My company is called CandleCentsStudios and I have set up a nice shop in my garage.  I really enjoy doing this and find it to be truly relaxing.

Most of my candles are made out of 100% soy and natural essential oils.  I have made soy candles out of Joy wax as well which is a blend of soy, paraffin and vegetable oils.  The Joy wax comes in slaps and is easy to cut.  It is easy to work with and is made specifically to use with containers.  The other soy wax that I used came from Nature’s Garden and it is the flakes which are easy to use as well.

I have used various scents to make my candles and I really love how they have turned out.  Now it’s time to SELL, SELL SELL.    You can take a look at my collection that I have posted so far right on my website under the CandleCentsStudios tab.Little Angels1

Working with Folders in Email

Managing your emails is easy if you create separate folders to move them into.

Follow these procedures to create new folders in Yahoo:

  • Create a New Folder – Click on New Folder and type in the name of your Folder.  (It will automatically appear directly as a link under the Folders section).
  • Move email into a Folder – Open the email you want to move, click on the Move Icon and select the folder.  (It will automatically be moved to the folder you selected).
  • Drag and Drop an email to a Folder –
  • Point your cursor on the email you want to move.
  • Hold down your left mouse key and drag the email to the folder you want to move it to.
  • Let go of the left mouse key and it drops into the folder.
  • Don’t worry, if you moved the email to the wrong folder, just click on the folder and follow the steps to move it to the correct folder.
  • Delete an Email – Select the email you want to delete, click on the Delete Icon.

Working with Folders in Gmail is the same concept except, in order to create a new Folder follow this procedure:

  • Click in the three dots next to My Files on the left hand side of the screen.
  • When the box appears (links regarding Labels, Adding Labels and Sub-Labels), click on Add Sub Label.
  • A New Label box will appear, type in the name of your new Folder.
  • Make sure the box next to Nest label under: is checked.
  • Make sure the section right below reads, My Files.
  • Click Create and your new folder appears under the Mile Files section.

There is also another way to add Folders in Gmail.  Follow these procedures:

  • When you are viewing an email and have it open, a series of icons will appear at the top part of your screen.
  • Click on the Icon for Labels to pull up the Label menu.
  • Once the Label Menu appears, select Create new.
  • When the New Label box appears, type in the name of your new Folder.
  • Make sure you click inside the box Nest label under:
  • Click on the down arrow in the box right below Nest Label under: and select the Folder you want to add your new folder to.

Is it Just Me?

I feel so alone in this world of busy people.  Going to work, having great relationships, having money to do what they need to do.. Why does it seem like I am so alone?  I have family that I never hear from.  I have a boyfriend who claims he is a “Landscaper” yet me yard is not “landscaped”. He has called me his ex – girlfriends name on two occasions and I truly believe that is because he is still thinking of her.  Okay.  I get it.  If you still are thinking of her, then go be with her.  Why is it that you are still with me after five years?   Why are you here?  I feel like you are a burden to me and just a user because you rarely work.  I know about Landscapers and I understand that they do not work during bad weather, rain, sleet, hail, snow but you are constantly out of work due to your “bosses obligations for other things like family events and outings”.

I am sick of this, for months I have to foot ALL of the bills because you are not working on your “Landscaping” job and I am maxed out of my credit cards.  You work from May thru October soooooo, that leaves me with the burden of handling all of the bills.  So when you do work, the first thing you do is buy weed.  Then, you hold money in your pocket.  I am so sick of you that I just do not know what to do.  I want you out of my life.  You are a LOSER……The little bit of money that you give to me does not suffice, yet you think that I am supposed to be happy, satisfied and want to give you sex whenever you want it?

I do not know about other women but I do not have  an appetite for sex when I know that basically all of the bills are paid by me.  The man that I am with does not have a car, a driver’s license, a bank account, any credit cards, or his own place. When I met him, he lived with is mother.  He gets food stamps and does not even have a phone that he pays for.  He has a “government phone” that works on minutes that they give you for free.

I feel like such an idiot for even dealing with a person such as he is.  I work everyday, now that I have a part-time job but I feel that I have no back-bone or support.  Okay ladies, yes he cooks, cleans, and gives me money towards bills.  However, it is not enough to pay the Mortgage.  He knows that I have lost my job and working towards something better yet he continues to do what he does — work whenever.  He has people picking him up for work (which is something that I would love to happen for me), however, it is on their terms.

I am so frustrated.   I want to leave him.  I actually want him out of my life but I have no one else.  He is there for me for everything that I do, everywhere that I go….if I ask him to go with me.  If I am sick and call him when he is working, he comes home to make sure I am ok.  He goes wherever I ask him to go.  These are qualities that a  man with a lot of money or a business does not display.  I say that because I have been with men who have lots of money.  Yet, they did not have lots of time.  In fact, they had very little time to spend with me.  I rarely saw them..

So, my delimma is should should I stay with him or not?

Why is it so hard for some and easy for others?

I sometimes wonder why it is that I work so hard 8 to 9 hours a day and yet I don’t seem to make it any further?   I work just as hard as a lot of people who work the same hours per day and they have everything.  I don’t know about you but money does make me Happier!  It does not buy love but it makes me happier whereas I do not have to worry about my Bills being paid.  Who do you know that is happy when their bills are not paid, the rent, the mortgage, the car note, the electric, gas, water, phone, trash, security system?  Tell me….who do you know that is happy when those bills are not paid?  As a matter of fact, who do you know that is happy when they do not have food in the refrigerator or in their pantry?  I am NOT!  So with that I say that money does buy happiness in some instances.