Little Angels2

CandleCentsStudios is a subsidiary of Curry Creations, LLC and our debut opening was on September 24, 2018.

All of our candles are hand poured and made in Riverdale, GA.  They are made out of natural soy wax and we only use natural essential oils.  Our candles come in the following sizes:

2 oz,    3 oz,    4 oz,   16 oz,  and Candle Tarts

Some of our candles are scented and some of not scented for those of you who have scent sensitivities and allergies.

We can make candles to order, or, you may place an order for items that we have in stock.


Flavors 16 oz

These are multiple flavors that are available. They are made from Joy Wax which is a part soy, paraffin, and vegetable oils. The are mixed with 100% essential oils that are also used for making soaps so they are safe to burn in candles. These are also hand poured with love and they smell wonderful. We have these on hand but we can make them to order.


Little Angels Collection – Coconut

These little guys are delightful and have a sent of Coconut, just enough to awaken your scenses. They are hand poured and made from Joy wax which is a blend of Soy, Parafin and Vegetable oils. We only use natural essential oils for our candles.


Pumpkin Apple Butter

This is a candle that has a warm scent that will smell wonderful in your home. It is a light scent but you can smell it and it is very refreshing. It is delightful during any season of the year. This is a 16 oz candle that will burn for hours and is hand poured. It is made from Joy was which is a blend of soy wax, paraffin, and vegetable oils, as well as, natural essential oils that are used in lotions and soaps.


Apple Tease Large

These candles are a little bigger than 16oz candles and smell like a warm apple butter. They are hand poured using only natural soy and essential oils that will delight your mood These are great to add smell to your home.


Tarts Assorted Flavors

These are candle melts. You break off a piece and put them in your burners and let the aroma fill you space. These are also made from Soy and natural essential oils. They are relaxing as well and will make your home smell wonderful!!! They are hand poured and made with love!




This delicious scent is delightful to smell and is relaxing as well. This is a 16 oz hand poured candled made from 100% soy wax and natural essential oils. You will love it.


Splash of Color

These colorful candles can sit on top of your favorite candle. They have different scents to delight your mood. They are 3 oz and 4 oz sizes. Also, they are hand poured and made from 100% soy, paraffin wax and natural essential oils. You will love it. The blue/green candle is unscented.


Little Angels Collection

These small candles are made from 100% soy and natural essential oils. They smell delightful both the chamomile and the apple tease. Just enough scent to brighten your day!


Chocolate Chip Mint

If you like the taste of Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream, you will love the smell of this candle. This candle is made with natural soy products and essential oils to please you and make you think of happy times.


Gingerbread Candle

Yum, smell the scents of this warm fall/winter fragrance all over your home. This candle, like all of our most of our candles are made with natural Soy wax and essential oils.


Peppermint Cotton Candy

This delightful candle is pretty and smells wonderful. Smells like cotton candy with a hint of peppermint. It will fill your room with flavor.


Little Angels Collection

This collection of scented candles don't take up a lot of space but they smell great and can help you unwind after a busy day.